Frequently Asked Questions

Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police

A qualified law enforcement officer with a minimum of 10 years of service, residing in the state of Mississippi.

No, if you have documentation showing a service connected disability, you may apply for the LEOSA Credential.

Yes, per Title 18 USC 926C.

No, the federal law states you must have an aggregate of 10 years as a law enforcement officer. You can have a combination of time between agencies as well as time as a military law enforcement officer.

Yes, per MS Code 45-1-101 in compliance with Title 18 Chapter 44 section 926 (B)(C).

Yes, in accordance with MS Code 45-1-101.

Please refer to Title 18 USC 926C and MS Code 45-1-101.

Yes, you must have a minimum aggregate time of 10 years of service as a law enforcement officer.

45 to 55 business days from the date your application is submitted for approval.

The background check can be done by mailing your fingerprints to the FBI or through an FBI Channeler who will digitally send your fingerprints to the FBI, who will then in turn send you the results of your request.

You may still receive your LEOSA Credential, you must provide proof of service with a Mississippi agency/department.